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General Advantages of SAFA UPVC PIPES

The principal reason for the great economy of SAFA pipes is not so much their cost per meter as delivered to site but rather the dramatic reduction in installation costs which is achieved by intelligent exploitation of their light weight, availability in longer lengths, ease of joining and their resistance to corrosion. These characteristics are of even greater importance to engineers now due to minimum cost and maximum reliability.

Corrosion-free: SAFA UPVC pipes resist corrosion caused by acid, alkali, oils, salts, moisture and the media inside and outside the pipe. It is particularly reliable for resistance to the sever climatic and soil conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Sanitary: SAFA UPVC pipes are entirely non-toxic. It will not affect the taste, smell or color of the water, neither will it react with the liquid to cause precipitation.

Low Flow Loss: SAFA UPVC pipes have a mirror-like, smooth surface which minimize resistance and impedance of deposits and corrosive scales.

Mechanical strength: SAFA UPVC pipes have great tensile strength yet they are flexible enough to withstand displacement in the pipe line. They will not dent or flatten under pressure.

Light Weight: SAFA UPVC pipes are incredibly light weight. They can be as light as one fifth the weight of steel pipes. This cuts down transportation cost and facilities the instates the installation of pips and reduces its cost.

Ease of Maintenance: SAFA UPVC pipes can be quickly repaired with minimum of complication or cost.

Fire Resistance: SAFA UPVC pipes will not support combustion. In the event of fire, flames are unable to travel along the pips. It is self extinguishing.

Insulator: SAFA UPVC pipes are ideal for electric conduits. Because UPVC in itself is an integral insulator, it eliminates the possibility of electrolytic corrosion which so often destroys underground piping.

Applications of SAFA UPVC Pipes

Water supplies: Non-toxic SAFA UPVC pipes will not affect the taste, color, or smell of drinking water. They will ever corrode and are therefore extremely sanitary. Deposits and scales will not build up inside as in the case for conventional steel pipes. Their strength is greater than of asbestos pipes.

Irrigation systems: SAFA UPVC pipes are ideal for agricultural irrigation and sprinkler systems. Non-corrosive SAFA UPVC pipes do not inhibit insects and germs. In thick wall and large diameter SAFA UPVC pipes liquid can be transported under high pressure, which is convenient for the management of large farms.

Casing & screen: Engineering difficulties , and the probability of adverse chemical reaction reactions make it impractical to overcome corrosion and encrustation through the use of protective coating chemical treatment or catholic protestation. Thus, SAFA non-corrosion PVC for water well casing and screens rapidly received approval by the appropriate ministry consultants and engineers.

Industry: resistant to most chemicals, SAFA UPVC pipes have an important role to play in industrial plants. Light, non corrosive, and easy to assemble, they allow more complex piping work than with steel or cast–iron pipes.

Soil, Waste & Drainage Sewer System: waste lines for corrosive gases ventilation for office buildings and factories; drainage systems for private homes and elevated highways – these are a few of the many possibilities for SAFA UPVC pipes. A full line of UPVC fitting is available to assure easy installation.

Mining: SAFA UPVC pipes particularly are well – suited for draining corrosive liquids found in mines. They make an ideal vent line for pits because they are easily installed in hard to reach places.

Electrical & Telecommunications Cables: SAFA UPVC pipes form an integral insulator, hence there is an ever- increasing demand for them as electrical conduit. To facilitate work, a full line of fittings is available and fabricated form the same material as the pipes.

Manufacturing Standards:

  1. Saudi Arabian Standard(SSA).
  2. German Standard (DIN).
  3. American Society for Testing & Material (ASTM)
  4. Brtish Standard (BS).
  5. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
  6. European Standard (En).


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